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T-6 Rocks Big City; New Record Set!

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Dear Fans and Players,  

    Thanks to all who attended our sixth tournament. Here are the results. Everyone had fun and some great pool was played. So far we haven’t had a repeat winner and once again a new player walked off with the top prize, and, of course that special trophy. 

    Last tournament winner Patrick, and former two time ladies trophy winner Ann, had dominant first round scores of $5,700.00 and $5,600.00 respectively. Lady luck didn’t hold for either player in the second round as Gene, Keith, and Steven posted big gains to join Jay and Cliff at the final table. Claire finished with $4,300.00 to edge out Ann for the womens trophy. 

    Nobody could manage a good look early in the final round, and the first two games ended with no winner. Looking at a triple pot in the final you knew that the next player to get a winning shot was going to be the champion, and Jay prevailed in game three with a fabulous win on the eight. Jay sank every ball that game with the exception of the one. Jay’s total accumulated PoolCash was $12,700.00 a new record, beating Keith’s former mark of  $12,500.00.

    The five final table players were very close on the money count entering the finals so games four and five were going to determine the rest of the top five finish order. Game four went to Steven, and that was good enough for second place. The final game ended in a no winner, meaning a PotShot round, and Keith showed us he’s been working on the PotShot by draining two of them, earning third place. 

    Fourth went to Cliff repping the Poolnight team, and fifth to newcomer Gene. Nice work everyone. See you at the next one. 

    Speaking of the next one we’re thinking of moving the venue. We’ve tentatively chosen June 6th with a five PM start. We’re talking to the folks at F1 in Braintree, and depending on how that goes we may have some events there. Any comments are welcome and appreciated. F1 has a nice room with seven Brunswick tables and food and drink. 

            As you noticed, we had a video guy at the event. We’ll send you links when the vids are done. We’ll be posting on the PotShot Pool site, and on YouTube. 

    Thanks again to all of you for your support. 

                                                                    John & Earl 

T-6 PotShot Pool Results 

name round one round two final round
Jason Juliano 5100 6400 12700
Steven Belcher 3200 5900 6300
Keith Cook 4700 6000 6100
Cliff Edwards 4800 5800 2500
Gene Bernshtein 4000 5600 2100
Lue Hernandez 3900 5300  
Patrick Keogh 5700 4400  
Claire Eder 3200 4300  
Ann Langwig 5600 4200  
Neil McCarthy 4000 4200  
Steve Goldman 4200 4000  
Earl Rudkin 3900 3600  
Bill Mavadones 4400 3200  
Arjun Devarajan 4200 3100  
DeeDee Hamilton 4000 3000  
Billy Best 3000 3000  
Steve McCormick 2900 2700  
Marcus Stark 3200 1900  
Nick Woodsum 3000 1600  
David Bailey 3000 DNF  

 “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

first evening tournament

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On April 25th we’ll be having our first evening tournament with warm ups at 5 and a start time of 6PM. Hope to see you all at Big City for the event. We’re enhancing the prizes on this one, so check the calendar page for the details.

Come on out for this one. We’re  filming for videos we”ll be posting on YouTube, and the next event won’t be till June.