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Weather and Celtics limit crowd

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2010 by poolnight

Despite howling gale force winds and the threat of Tornadoes (in Allston???) ten hardy soles played PotShot Pool last Sunday in a small but fun and action packed event. We had Kim return who hasn’t played since way back at the first event, and she brought Chris along.

Earl and I both played to round out the ten person field. After the first two rounds Jim and I were leading the field, and I felt good about my chances of winning going into the final table. However it was not to be as the newcomers went one, two by each winning two games and yours truly didn’t get a sniff. Jim knocked a few people off to hang on for third. We had a final game no winner and Earl bagged the PotShot on his first attempt to secure fourth place, putting me in fifth by $200.00. I think I had about as bad a final table as possible. No wins, killed four times, no kills.  

We’ll be announcing the next event in a couple weeks, but we’re pointing toward the second or third Sunday in September. Probably September 12. Here are the results

name round one round two final round
Chris 4100 6600 9100
Kim 4900 5100 7600
Jim Whitcomb 6900 7200 4800
Earl Rudkin 4200 4300 4500
John Langwig 4100 7100 4300
David Chan 3000 3000  
Steven Belcher 3900 2300  
Steve Goldman 3200 1800  
Cliff Edwards 2900 1500  
Ann Langwig 2800 1100