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PotShot @ The Wave

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 by poolnight

We had a great tournament Sunday evening at the Corner Pocket. Thanks to the venue for their support, and thanks to our players. Once again we had a new winner, and our first Woman to place first. Congratulations to Ann on the win. All the women who played finished in the money.

I had a great first round with a lot of kills and a quadruple pot win on the last shot of the round. I held my own in the second round by winning one game. I entered the final table against Earl, Lue, Jay, and Ann. In a very competitive final, four players were within reach of the win entering the final game. We all killed each other leaving only Ann on the table, and she seized the moment, sank her money ball for a double pot win and the overall tournament victory.

Ann ended the event with 12,200 in PoolCash. This puts her third on the all list behind Keith in T-3 with 12,500 and Jay, still the best finish ever with 12,700 in T-6.

We’ll be announcing the next event shortly so check back.  

name round one round two final round
Ann Langwig 6,100 9,400 12,200
Jason Juliano 3,000 7,600 9,900
John Langwig 7,300 7,900 5,600
Lue Hernandez 4,200 7,700 5,200
Earl Rudkin 4,100 4,100 3,800
Cliff Edwards 5,100 3,700  
Claire Eder 3,100 3,200  
Christine Kuta 4,900 3,000  
Joe Tack 3,000 2,800  
Ed Yow 2,800 2,800  
Bill Mavadones 4,000 2,300  
Adam Poock 4,000 2,200  
Bruce Lord 2,900 1,300  
Chris Brady 2,700 1,100  
Steve Goldman 2,800 900  

Fall’s first tournament

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 by poolnight

Well, we’re off to The Corner Pocket at The Wave in Waltham for our first event of the fall season. They’re located at 411 Waverly Oaks Road Waltham Ma. Plenty of off street parking, food and of course beverages for all tastes. Come on over at 5PM for warm ups. The event starts promptly at 6PM, and we should be wrapping things up around 9PM.

We’re excited to be holding our event at the Wave. They have all Brunswick tables with live bumpers, level surfaces, and the cloth is generally in good to excellent condition.

Tip for players;

So, what do you do when you have a look at the lowest ball, but no real shot?? Well, I think the thing to do is send that object ball for a ride. Try for random contact with the balls left on the table, and if you get lucky something drops (maybe your money ball). Remember, anything that goes in counts, and you stay at the table.