Fall’s first tournament

Well, we’re off to The Corner Pocket at The Wave in Waltham for our first event of the fall season. They’re located at 411 Waverly Oaks Road Waltham Ma. Plenty of off street parking, food and of course beverages for all tastes. Come on over at 5PM for warm ups. The event starts promptly at 6PM, and we should be wrapping things up around 9PM.

We’re excited to be holding our event at the Wave. They have all Brunswick tables with live bumpers, level surfaces, and the cloth is generally in good to excellent condition.

Tip for players;

So, what do you do when you have a look at the lowest ball, but no real shot?? Well, I think the thing to do is send that object ball for a ride. Try for random contact with the balls left on the table, and if you get lucky something drops (maybe your money ball). Remember, anything that goes in counts, and you stay at the table.

One Response to “Fall’s first tournament”

  1. I enjoyed watching the tournament at the Corner Pocket tonight. Sorry I couldn’t get back into town to play. I’m looking forward to your next appearance at the Corner Pocket and hope that our schedules mesh.


    Dick Munroe

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