T-9 rocks the Corner Pocket

Another great tournament, another new winner!! Ray walked off with the win after a competitive final round that saw Ray battling it out with last tournament winner Ann for top place. We had two new faces in the final round, and both Andy and Bob played well. The fifth spot at the final table was earned by Bill, who has now played in five final rounds.

Andy won a PotShot round to end round 1, and again to end the final table. That’s a tournament first, and it earned him a third place finish. Bill came in fourth with Bob placing fifth.

Ray and Ann were neck and neck coming into the final round, with $600.00 seperating them. Both won double pots, and Ann was able to gain ground by winning an extra ante from a buy-in, but fell just short, as Ray prevailed by only $200.00; the closest final ever.

We’ll be announcing the next event shortly, so check the website. Thanks to all our players, who always…. “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

T-9 PotShot Pool Results

name round one round two final round
Ray Brown 5,000 6,300 8,700
Ann Langwig 7,200 5,700 8,500
Andy Macaly 5,700 5,500 5,800
Bill Mavadones 3,200 6,500 3,600
Bob Yee 4,300 4,500 1,700
Dick Natoli 2,700 4,300  
Bill Chase 3,800 4,000  
Bruce Lord 2,800 1,200  
Mike Jhones 2,800 1,100  
Claire Eder 2,500 800  

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