PotShot at The Billiards Cafe

It was another close and exciting tournament last Sunday. Tim and Rick both had a good first round at table one, while Dan and Terry came out on top at table two.

In second round action, Rick and Terry duked it out, with Rick scoring a double header win propelling him into the final table with $6,700. Terry took a double header to end the round with a beautiful PotShot giving him $7,500, a seat at the final table, and the tournament lead.

Meanwhile, Carol punched her ticket with three second round wins; going from $2,800 to $6,000. Dick took a game in each of the first two rounds, to make the final table with $4,100. The final spot went to Tim with $3,400, squeezing out Mike who finished his night early with $3,300.

In a pressure packed final table Dick won game one, followed by a no winner. Then Carol struck again grabbing game three on the nine for the double header win. Dick came right back to grab game four, and game five went all the way ending when Tim went off on the Ten.

Terry nailed another PotShot to win game five for a second place finish. Despite winning two games in the final round Dick finished third. Rick slid to fourth, with Tim fifth. Carol’s double header proved to be enough to give her the first place finish. The hot shooters were out at the final table so congratulations to Carol on a fine performance.

Many thanks to our players and a shout out to our regulars for making the trip. Thanks to Calvin and the Billiards Cafe for sponsoring us and helping our tournament be successful.

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