T-10 Results

Here’s the results from last Sunday. The PotShot played a more important role in this tournament than in the past. Terry, to his credit, went to the website, read the rules, and went out and practiced the shot. He had two chances for wins on the tiebreaker and he drained both PotShots. Both shots were by cut shot. Some players like to bank it, and we’ve had players win the potShot Round with the bank as well. I personally prefer the cut. If you nail it just right, with the right speed, the cue ball comes around two rails and goes right back to the spot where it started.  

name round one round two final round
Carol Bennett 2800 6000 8200
Terry Holbein 4600 7500 7400
Dick Munroe 4000 4100 6700
Rick Stokes 5000 6700 4000
Tim King 5200 3400 2300
Mike Bennett 3900 3300  
Dan King 4800 3300  
Mike Fitzgerald 3900 2400  
Steve Belcher 3900 1500  
Cliff Edwards 2800 1000  

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