Record Set; King Crowned

You really never know what’s going to happen at a PotShot Pool event, and this one was no exception. We have never had a player sweep a round, and Sunday it almost happened twice. First, thanks to Flat Top Johnny’s for sponsoring our twelfth tournament. 

The first round saw Dick and Dan grabbing three games each and newcomer Bart winning a double-header on the break to end the round.

Second round action Saw Steve B. nearly post a shutout on table one, winning four of  five games, including a round ending PotShot victory in game five. Meanwhile on table two, Dan and Claire both grabbed double-header wins, with Dick winning the fifth game. This sent four players from table two to the final table.

Entering the final table, Steve B. had a slim $200.00 lead over Dan with 7700 and 7500 respectively. Dick came in with 6300 and Bart at 4200 and Clair at 4100 rounded out the table. But then everything broke Dans way. He grabbed the first game on the 8, followed by two “no winner” games. When Dan potted the six on game four and said “That’s me”, we knew who our winner was. But he wasn’t done, as he also won game five on the six ball, posting the first ever sweep in the final round. Steve B. finished second, Dick was third (his third, third place finish), Bart came in fourth, and Claire grabbed the womens trophy with fifth place.

Dan King, fresh off of wrist surgery and still wearing a brace, finished the event with $17,600.00 shattering the old record of $12,700.00 held by Jay. Hey Dan, get me one of those braces. Congratulations to Dan, and thanks to all who participated.

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