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PotShot at Jillian’s

Posted in Uncategorized on October 24, 2011 by poolnight


Sunday’s event saw some very competitive action. Coming out of the first round, Bob C. led the pack with $6,000 followed by Ann at $5,200, Bob Y. and Mark at $5,100, and Dave at $5,000.00. The second round saw dominating performances by Ann and John. Ann closed out her second round by winning a triple header on a billiard shot. John grabbed two double headers to surge to the final table. Meanwhile table three saw each shooter winning a game with everyone at the table finishing with the exact same money they came in with. Ann entered the final round five with 9,700 while John held 6,600. The trio of Mark, Bob Y, and Bob C., came in with 5400, 5,100, and 4,700 respectively.

Then in the fastest final table ever, John won game one on a two, six billiard, won the next game on the break with the one for the extra cash, and followed that by winning game three also on the one. Bob Y. then proceeded to win the last two games of the round… guessed it……on the ONE! This gave John the win and Bob Y. vaulted from fourth to take second with Ann third Mark fourth, and Bob C. coming in fifth.

Great job shooters. We’ll see you at the next one. Thanks so much to Jillian’s for the event sponsorship. We really appreciate the support. Same for our shooters, you guys are great. Thanks to all who came and played.

“Make the Shot, Take the Pot”