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Hot Starz play cool game

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2012 by poolnight

Excited to be anouncing our press release. Stay tuned for updates as we work to make this a reality (all puns intended)

Hot Starz to play cool game

Somerville, MA, February 11, 2012- Beautiful women, PotShot Pool make for new concept in televised billiards.

The Rack Starz and Poolnight LLC, two new companies to the billiards scene, are joining forces to bring a totally new look to pool on television.   The new show will have the look of a Texas hold-em show and feature an elimination format not unlike American Idol. The show, dubbed “Shooting Starz” will audition local players, and film in real pool halls, allowing viewers to follow the action of a live PotShot Pool tournament.   The show will be hosted by the internationally recognized Rack Starz, a group of young women pool players that are quickly changing the public’s image of a pool player.  The hosts include Jennifer Berretta 2011 Predator Tour 10-Ball Champion, the first female ever to win in Open/Pro, and recently named one of the 25 sexiest women in sports by ESPN. The show will culminate with one winner emerging to claim a million dollar prize and become America’s first “Shooting Star”.   The contestants will be playing PotShot Pool the brand new pool game just released for home play by Poolnight LLC. When asked what makes this game different from other pool games, co-inventor John Langwig says “PotShot was designed to be fast paced and compelling to watch. Our game will do for Pool what Texas-Hold-em has done for Poker. We’re thrilled to be teaming with the beautiful Rack Starz to bring this project to television”.

This combination of beautiful women, real pool players of all stripes, celebrities, real pool room action, and the most fun to watch pool game ever devised is destined to change the way people see pool on television.  Shooting Starz is exciting, sexy, realistic, and unpredictable; it’s pool like you’ve never seen it before.