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T-10 Results

Posted in Uncategorized on February 8, 2011 by poolnight

Here’s the results from last Sunday. The PotShot played a more important role in this tournament than in the past. Terry, to his credit, went to the website, read the rules, and went out and practiced the shot. He had two chances for wins on the tiebreaker and he drained both PotShots. Both shots were by cut shot. Some players like to bank it, and we’ve had players win the potShot Round with the bank as well. I personally prefer the cut. If you nail it just right, with the right speed, the cue ball comes around two rails and goes right back to the spot where it started.  

name round one round two final round
Carol Bennett 2800 6000 8200
Terry Holbein 4600 7500 7400
Dick Munroe 4000 4100 6700
Rick Stokes 5000 6700 4000
Tim King 5200 3400 2300
Mike Bennett 3900 3300  
Dan King 4800 3300  
Mike Fitzgerald 3900 2400  
Steve Belcher 3900 1500  
Cliff Edwards 2800 1000  

PotShot at The Billiards Cafe

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4, 2011 by poolnight

It was another close and exciting tournament last Sunday. Tim and Rick both had a good first round at table one, while Dan and Terry came out on top at table two.

In second round action, Rick and Terry duked it out, with Rick scoring a double header win propelling him into the final table with $6,700. Terry took a double header to end the round with a beautiful PotShot giving him $7,500, a seat at the final table, and the tournament lead.

Meanwhile, Carol punched her ticket with three second round wins; going from $2,800 to $6,000. Dick took a game in each of the first two rounds, to make the final table with $4,100. The final spot went to Tim with $3,400, squeezing out Mike who finished his night early with $3,300.

In a pressure packed final table Dick won game one, followed by a no winner. Then Carol struck again grabbing game three on the nine for the double header win. Dick came right back to grab game four, and game five went all the way ending when Tim went off on the Ten.

Terry nailed another PotShot to win game five for a second place finish. Despite winning two games in the final round Dick finished third. Rick slid to fourth, with Tim fifth. Carol’s double header proved to be enough to give her the first place finish. The hot shooters were out at the final table so congratulations to Carol on a fine performance.

Many thanks to our players and a shout out to our regulars for making the trip. Thanks to Calvin and the Billiards Cafe for sponsoring us and helping our tournament be successful.

New How-to Video

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2011 by poolnight

Here’s the new video we made to show everyone how PotShot Pool is played. To read the complete rules, click over to the rules page. But, this video will get you started.

T-1 photos from O’Lindys

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 by poolnight

I ran across these recently. Thought you guys might like to see them.

Million Dollar PotShot Pool Tournament

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 by poolnight

Here’s the latest video. Hope you like it. Don’t forget, we’re going out to Ayer for a tournament January 30 starting at 4:00. It’s at The Billiards Cafe. Hope everyone can make it because this is an awesome room to play in. The place is at 39 Main Street in Ayer. See you there. “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

Tournament Gallery

Posted in Uncategorized on December 12, 2010 by poolnight

Here’s some pictures from the last tournament. We’re posting a new video, and announcing the next tournament soon so stay tuned.

T-9 rocks the Corner Pocket

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2010 by poolnight

Another great tournament, another new winner!! Ray walked off with the win after a competitive final round that saw Ray battling it out with last tournament winner Ann for top place. We had two new faces in the final round, and both Andy and Bob played well. The fifth spot at the final table was earned by Bill, who has now played in five final rounds.

Andy won a PotShot round to end round 1, and again to end the final table. That’s a tournament first, and it earned him a third place finish. Bill came in fourth with Bob placing fifth.

Ray and Ann were neck and neck coming into the final round, with $600.00 seperating them. Both won double pots, and Ann was able to gain ground by winning an extra ante from a buy-in, but fell just short, as Ray prevailed by only $200.00; the closest final ever.

We’ll be announcing the next event shortly, so check the website. Thanks to all our players, who always…. “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

T-9 PotShot Pool Results

name round one round two final round
Ray Brown 5,000 6,300 8,700
Ann Langwig 7,200 5,700 8,500
Andy Macaly 5,700 5,500 5,800
Bill Mavadones 3,200 6,500 3,600
Bob Yee 4,300 4,500 1,700
Dick Natoli 2,700 4,300  
Bill Chase 3,800 4,000  
Bruce Lord 2,800 1,200  
Mike Jhones 2,800 1,100  
Claire Eder 2,500 800  

Corner Pocket PotShot

Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2010 by poolnight

      We’ll be holding our next tournament on Sunday November 14, 2010. The Wave in Waltham is once again our sponsor, so a big THANK YOU to them. The event starts at 2 :00 with warm-ups from 1:00 til 2:00. So see you at the Wave  for more PotShot Pool. Click on the Calendar page for the latest flyer.

     Unsure about when to have your opponent go again? It can be a two-edged sword. My first rule is, if my opponent is still on the table, and I think he/she can hit the object ball, I take the shot. If my opponent is off the table, and especially if  I think I need the win I’ll let him/her  go again. Even if you end up giving away some money to kills, you want to give yourself the best opportunity you can to “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

PotShot @ The Wave

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 by poolnight

We had a great tournament Sunday evening at the Corner Pocket. Thanks to the venue for their support, and thanks to our players. Once again we had a new winner, and our first Woman to place first. Congratulations to Ann on the win. All the women who played finished in the money.

I had a great first round with a lot of kills and a quadruple pot win on the last shot of the round. I held my own in the second round by winning one game. I entered the final table against Earl, Lue, Jay, and Ann. In a very competitive final, four players were within reach of the win entering the final game. We all killed each other leaving only Ann on the table, and she seized the moment, sank her money ball for a double pot win and the overall tournament victory.

Ann ended the event with 12,200 in PoolCash. This puts her third on the all list behind Keith in T-3 with 12,500 and Jay, still the best finish ever with 12,700 in T-6.

We’ll be announcing the next event shortly so check back.  

name round one round two final round
Ann Langwig 6,100 9,400 12,200
Jason Juliano 3,000 7,600 9,900
John Langwig 7,300 7,900 5,600
Lue Hernandez 4,200 7,700 5,200
Earl Rudkin 4,100 4,100 3,800
Cliff Edwards 5,100 3,700  
Claire Eder 3,100 3,200  
Christine Kuta 4,900 3,000  
Joe Tack 3,000 2,800  
Ed Yow 2,800 2,800  
Bill Mavadones 4,000 2,300  
Adam Poock 4,000 2,200  
Bruce Lord 2,900 1,300  
Chris Brady 2,700 1,100  
Steve Goldman 2,800 900  

Fall’s first tournament

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Well, we’re off to The Corner Pocket at The Wave in Waltham for our first event of the fall season. They’re located at 411 Waverly Oaks Road Waltham Ma. Plenty of off street parking, food and of course beverages for all tastes. Come on over at 5PM for warm ups. The event starts promptly at 6PM, and we should be wrapping things up around 9PM.

We’re excited to be holding our event at the Wave. They have all Brunswick tables with live bumpers, level surfaces, and the cloth is generally in good to excellent condition.

Tip for players;

So, what do you do when you have a look at the lowest ball, but no real shot?? Well, I think the thing to do is send that object ball for a ride. Try for random contact with the balls left on the table, and if you get lucky something drops (maybe your money ball). Remember, anything that goes in counts, and you stay at the table.